Tips and Tricks on How to Be Sick started as a drifting-off-to-sleep idea in late December 2015, initially as a blog series, and grew into a podcast through discussions with various people with disabilities over the next few months. Over the course of the 2 years following the initial idea, the podcast has gotten fleshed-out and developed and ready to help folks make the transition into having a chronic condition or disability just a little bit easier.

It’s a common complaint in chronic illness and disability support circles on social media, that there’s no easy guide on How To Be Disabled, particularly if the onset is sudden or unexpected, or the person lives in a place with poorer support structures. Doctors and therapists might explain the basics of a new diagnosis and in broad strokes say what it means for a person’s life, but they rarely give the finer details of the changes that are likely to occur. This podcast is an attempt to help offer some of those fine details, through the experiences of other disabled and chronically ill people.

The graphics for this podcast are courtesy of karaburrito.

Theme music is “Glide” by palettes / Paul Lutz

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